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This week on Rhythm City

17 April 2018

Reneilwe finally escapes, Bongi makes a decision that Bash doesn’t like and Cuba falls deeper in love. Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM.


Bongi and others stage an intervention for Lungile. Public pressure mounts over Rene’s disappearance. Cuba is even more smitten.


Rene escapes - but is in for a terrible shock. Bongi makes an unexpected decision and Bash doesn’t like it. Cuba learns her new lover’s real worth. 

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Musa and Robert decide Rene’s fate. Madikgetla accuses David of misleading the police. Hilgard comes between Puleng and Cuba.


Rene’s life hangs by a thread. Madikgetla goes undercover. Hilgard is planning to visit when Puleng intervenes.


One rogue cop goes out on a limb to save the battered Reneilwe. Bash pushes Lungile over the edge. Cuba has another chance with Hilgard.

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