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#Empire: The midseason premiere

Lwazi Mluma |
19 April 2018

Their reign. Their rules. Their empire. The Lyons are back tonight at 8:30PM!

After a short season 3 hiatus, we welcome back the Lyons den as they battle with drama, catfights, music, drugs and more.

Here’s what to expect tonight:

As the co-CEO, Cookie should not be caught off guard by new business deals. But, Luscious sets her on a panic when he reveals a new project called Inferno.

With the ‘Lion’ and ‘Lioness’ at odds, the entire Lyons family decides to visit Jamal in rehab. They meet his friend Tori, a former big star and a recovering heroin addict.

Jamal wants to leave rehab and record a song with Tori, but his parents refuse. He and Tori end up escaping rehab.

In the past, Jamal has gone through a lot. In season three, it looks like it won’t end well with him.

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