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#MacGyver: Season 1 spoiler alert

Lwazi Mluma |
23 April 2018

Warning: These first season spoilers will leave you wanting to watch MacGyver right now.

The original action thriller aired from 1985 to 1992.

The remake premieres tonight on e.tv and will air every Friday at 8:30PM.

Just like the old series, you can expect a lot of chases, fights and time bomb-action as MacGyver is fighting for his people and emerging as a hero.    

MacGyver works as part of a Clandestine Mission Impossible-style team, and doesn’t like using guns.

He’s not a vulnerable superhero and can pretty much do anything – from safe cracking, wrestling, to diving, and onto moving vehicles like a daredevil.

Put him in any dangerous situation and MacGyver will find anything he can use to survive. It doesn’t matter what room he’s in.

Watch MacGyver every Friday at 8:30PM, starting on April the 20th