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23 May 2018
Buhle and Phakade

Phakade performs the umemulo with Buhle while MaNdlovu, MaZulu and Phunyuka bear witness. Imbewu: The Seed, weekdays at 9:30PM.

Ngcolosi and Pranav interview potential candidates for the COO position but can’t find a perfect fit. Phunyuka forces MaNdlovu to reveal her intentions for Buhle at Zethu’s Umemulo and worries they may taint Zethu’s life. Emsamo manager, Shukela pledges to help Zithulele find a cheap contractor to build the ramp.

MaZulu spikes Ngcolosi’s tea so that he’ll feel temporarily ill to prevent him from attending the umemulo re-enactment. Shria is stunned and disappointed when Pranav tells her that the hope is for Zakithi to fill the COO position. When the contractor and his men don’t show up at Emsamo, it starts to dawn on Zithulele that he’s been scammed. Zakithi surprises Nganono by arriving unannounced on the family doorstep.

Zakithi’s arrival stirs up new tensions in the home and reopens fresh wounds, especially MaNdlovu who refuses to accept her granddaughter's arrival. Nganono struggles to come to terms with his father’s decision. Zithulele tries to lie his way out of the Msobho situation. Adam wants to meet Mira’s parents.

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Angered by Zakithi’s behaviour at dinner, MaNdlovu leaves the Bhengu household. Mira speaks to her mother about having Adam over for dinner. Meanwhile, Zithulele flirts with danger by using a company expense card to pay for non-company merchandise, which Thu Sheleni warns against.

Pranav and Ngcolosi depart for their overseas trip, leaving Zakithi in charge at Maluju. Zithulele continues to use his expense card to pay for the Oswenka show, ignoring Thu Sheleni’s warnings. Mira’s introduction of Adam goes horribly wrong.

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