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3 Significant moments from Buhle’s umemulo

Bulelwa Hoala |
24 May 2018
Buhle umemulo

Phakade finally performed umemulo with Buhle without any problems. Imbewu: The Seed, weekdays at 9:30PM.

The backstory:
A few weeks ago a sangoma arrived at the Bhengus and warned that umemulo must be performed for Buhle because the ancestors are not happy. It turned out that although Buhle had umemulo before, it was performed by Zimele who is not her biological father.

It was revealed that many years ago, Zimele’s wife, MaZulu, found out he’s infertile and informed his mother, MaNdlovu. MaNdlovu’s solution was for MaZulu to have children with Zimele’s brother, Phakade, to keep the Bhengu family legacy alive.

1. The umemulo was staged

Ngcolosi asks a question

Once Buhle got sick, MaNdlovu and MaZulu came to their senses and realised that things would get worse if umemulo isn’t done. MaNdlovu offered to fund umemulo for Phunyuka’s daughter, Zethu, which would act as a front for Buhle’s actual umemulo. Phakade informed Ngcolosi that he would do the re-enactment and show Phunyuka what he needs to do by pretending Buhle is his daughter.

2. MaZulu drugged Zimele

Ngcolosi drinks tea

Although Zimele insisted that he would attend umemulo and be the one who does the re-enactment as Buhle’s father, MaZulu had a plan up her sleeve. To prevent Zimele from attending, she offered him chamomile tea. A few minutes later, as the family was set to leave for umemulo, Zimele complained that he had a tummy ache and that Phakade should stand in for him.  

3. Buhle’s bond with Phakade

Buhle hugs Phakade

When the Bhengus were making their way back home after the ceremony, Buhle got out of the car and hugged Phakade tightly and thanked him. A humbled Phakade was touched and gave Buhle his blessings. MaNdlovu and MaZulu were shocked to witness the bond between the pair.

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