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#EmpireFinale: No repeat of the day Tupac was shot

Lwazi Mluma |
14 June 2018

Empire ups the bar with the season 3 finale airing tonight at 8:30PM.

While Lucious is keeping his murderous mother locked in the house, Giuliana warns him that she doesn’t want a repeat of the day Tupac was shot.

But, what does she mean by this?

Meanwhile, Andre is going through his plans of shooting his father. Shine, his accomplice is curious to know why he hates his dad so much.

Andre responds and says, “Everything… More than you could ever imagine. I’m the only one who knows what he truly is. That’s why I’ve got to kill him.”     

The plan to kill Lucious is set in motion. Shine and his thugs are at Laviticus in Vegas ready for the mayhem they have planned.

The only problem is that Cookie is in the room to wish Jamal luck and to test Giuliana’s boundaries, of course.

In the same breath, Lucious tells Giuliana that Cookie is the love of his life. “Always was and always will be,” he says.

What will Cookie do?

Catch the full episode of the #Empire season 3 finale tonight at 8:30PM.