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This week on Rhythm City

12 July 2018

Mapula tells Sabelo the truth about Melusi and Mzi confesses everything to David. Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM.


Kop gets wind of what Stone said to Blossom and is far from happy. Melusi shows his true colours. Mzi confesses all to David.


Pearl and Mzi stand firm in the face of David’s rage, which then suddenly falls away. But can they trust this? Mapula tells Sabelo the truth about Melusi. Rene feels left out.


Sabelo still wants to kill Melusi. David accuses Bash of being an Ndlovu spy. Pearl has an ultimatum for Mzi.

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Jafta crashes Kop’s meeting about his will. Mapula decides to report Melusi to the police. Gail and Puleng join forces.


Kop comes across another obstacle regarding his will. Mzi confesses all to Suffocate. The matric dance dress which Melusi threw away makes a strange appearance.

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