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24 January 2019

Bongi finds the ammunition she needs for her final revenge against David but suddenly finds herself under attack. Watch Rhythm City weekdays at 7PM.


Bongi finds the ammunition she needs to get David out of Red.

Fats fires Sipho for the missing whisky, and suddenly Valentine starts seducing Fats and tells him she wants the barman job.


Bongi leaks the details of David’s sordid past to the media, and is uncowed by his anger, but she is rattled when Lungi trashes her home, so Bash spends the night to look after her, and ultimately they hook up.

Sabelo tries to dodge his appointment with Chicken but he comes looking for him and gives him a mysterious package to look after.

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The press starts swirling around David, and Bongi takes advantage using a clause in their agreement to dismiss him from Red. However, in her moment of triumph there’s heartbreak when Bash tells her they can’t be together.

Sabelo discovers that the package Chicken left with him is a couple of guns, recently used on a job. Dumisani innocently finds one and Sabelo tries to lay down the law with Chicken, but that’s not how gangs work.


David threatens Bongi with her life. Lungile attacks Bongi, and Bash has to stand up for her.

Sabelo is in a difficult position when Chicken calls on him to ‘run an errand’ with him. Sabelo finds himself forced to do things he would rather not do.

Suffocate is curious about why Sabelo hasn’t come to work.


Chicken appears at the shack and starts selling the positives of being a gang member to Dumisani.

Bash brings Bongi home after her confrontation with Lungile. Lerato tells Bongi some home truths that hit their mark. Later Bongi unravels in front of Bash and starts feeling very isolated.

Mapula receives a registered letter saying she’s been awarded a bursary for university.

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