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This week on Imbewu: The Seed

28 January 2019

Zimele gets bail and confronts Phunyuka about Nganono’s death. Watch Imbewu The Seed Monday to Friday at 9:30PM.


Following his arrest for the murder of Nganono, Zimele gets bailed out by MaNdlovu whose suspicions grow stronger that Phunyuka killed Nganono. MaZulu insists Phakade goes to the hospital as KaMadonsela drugs him, meanwhile Liyana has a boyfriend and needs Zuthulele’s help in finding a job.


Zimele confronts Phunyuka regarding Nganono’s death. Whether he will find the truth or not remains to be seen. On the other side, MaZulu opts to move in with KaMadonsela and Phakade, and this does not sit well with KamaDonsela. Zithulele comes up with an idea that Liyana should work at Emsamo. 

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Zimele asks Shria for help defeating Maharaj, but how far will their attempt go? Khanyo confronts KaMadonsela about MaZulu moving in with them. Things get interesting at eMsamo as Zithulele tells Liyana to lie about her bartending skills for a job.


Zimele has photos of Maharaj involved in illegal activities and this could serve as ammunition in taking down high riding corrupt Maharaj. KaMadonsela runs out of muthi and things take a turns as MaZulu finds muthi in a pillowcase. Liyana’s is caught out about her lie regarding her bartending skills but she still gets the job anyway.


Yuveer is sacrificed as he takes the fall for Mr. Maharaj. KaMadonsela gives MaZulu more muti, and Zithulele realises how much he hurt Liyana.

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