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This week on Imbewu: The Seed

4 February 2019

It is the end of the road for KaMadonsela as MaNdlovu catches her with muthi? Watch Imbewu: The Seed weekdays at 9:30PM.


Yuveer comes to say goodbye to Shria as he takes the fall for Maharaj’s dodgy dealings. KaMadonsela stops MaZulu from leaving the house and gives her more muthi but how far will this go?

On a lighter note Zithulele helps Liyana in bartending as she struggles to adjust to her new job in Emsmo.


Manqoba shows interest in Zakithi and starts flirting with her. MaNdlovu is curious about Phakade and MaZulu’s behaviour and takes it upon herself to investigate further as to what is going on in uMbumbulu.  

Zithule meets Liyana’s boyfriend as he starts getting closer and closer to her.

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Finally Zakithi and Manqoba click and wake up on the same bed, could it be love or lust?

MaNdlovu’s investigation yields results as she catches KaMadonsela with the muthi. Now, will she be able to save MaZulu and Phakade? What will happen to KaMadonsela?

It seems like Zithulele’s old flame is staying a little longer as she gets the job at Emsamo on a trial bases.


Maharaj is cornered, and makes a dodgy plan and cancels his contract. Could this be the end of the road for him?

MaNdlovu and MaZulu confront KaMadonsela about the muti while Zithulele finds out Futhi dated Mnyamane.


It turns out Zakithi may have genuine feelings for Manqoba and finally the Bhengu’s are united as a family but how long will this last for?

Do you still remember Sipho the Pastor, well he returns for ordination.

Anyway things may still work out for Zithulele as Mnyamane might still have feelings for Futhi. 

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