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This week on Rhythm City

4 February 2019

Bash is a prime suspect in Bongi’s murder but Gail suspects David. Watch Rhythm City weekdays at 7PM.


Sabelo betrays Chicken and calls the ambulance to save Chicken’s patient life, and for this act of betrayal Chicken tells Sabelo to help rob Kilowatt.

Bash tries to save Bongi’s life but it’s too little too late.

On a lighter side this could be Sindiswa’s big break as she gets an appointment with a fashion brand but Rene is baffled that she has been busy on a wardrobe.


Bash feeling incredible guilt that he couldn't do anything to prevent Bongi’s suicide.

However, he still has some questions to answer to the authorities about Bongi’s death as her is suspect number one.

Meanwhile Chicken puts more pressure on Sabelo to rob the club.

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David smoothly resumes leadership at Reds and this gives Gail the wind that he might have something to do with Bongi’s death, but David quickly shuts her down.

Making matters worse for Bash as he struggles to come to terms with Bongi’s death he learns that he was actually wrong about Bongi and Smash.

Chicken threatens to kill Sabelo if he doesn’t do as ordered.


Suffo confronts Sabelo, and the two almost come to blows. But Sabelo backs down at the last moment.

Both David and Lerato make a show of paying tribute to Bongi however the investigation into Bongis’s death takes a twist of turns as Police discovers that it was not suicide but murder and Maponya wants Madikgetla to dig more about David Genaro’s involvement into the matter.  


Gail’s suspicions of David’s involvement into the death of Bongi grow. Bash freaks out when he learns that he is a prime suspect, however, he is not the only one in hot waters as Lungile is also in the Frame.

At the club things are heating up, Sabelo is increasingly under strain about the decision he is about to take. Suddenly Fats asks him to lock up the club and Sindiswa seizes the opportunity to her advantage and steals the money.

Suffo tries to help free Sabelo from the chains of Chicken but there is a huge stand-off between Suffo and Chicken.

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