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There are no life guarantees on this team

6 February 2019

SEAL Team is a brand new drama series following an elite unit of Navy SEALs as they execute the most daring missions. SEAL Team premieres tonight at 8:30PM.

David Boreanaz leads an elite Navy SEAL’s as Jason Hayes. Nothing beats the overwhelming thrill of the danger that lurks in this series as the team train, plan and execute high stake missions, the most dangerous one has ever seen.

As pressure takes its toll on the members of the team nothing less than perfection is expected.

As the danger mounts, there are no life guarantees at the end of each mission, hence members have to look out for one another at all times in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds both on and off the job.

Do not miss the electrifying first season of #SealTeam every Wednesday at 8:30PM.