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This week on Imbewu: The Seed

11 February 2019

Mahaj forces Manqoba to tell him the truth, and asks Phunyuka to nab Shria. Imbewu: The Seed weekdays at 9:30pm.


Customers of Maluju are angry as they have not received their fuel. Do you still remember Sipho, the Pastor? Well he is back and this time he introduces himself to the choir. There is something dodgy about him though, as he starts checking out the girls.

Zithulele suspects that Mnyamane and Futhi are having an affair.


Zakithi and Manqoba’s relationship crashes as she tells him that it is over.

Sipho the Pastor breaks Khanyo’s confidence and self-esteem as he tries take her down as a choir leader.

Zithulele on the other side tries to tell Liyana how he feels but he is foiled.

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Things are getting tense for Maharaj and he confronts Manqoba and starts accusing him of being a spy.

And finally Sipho manages to replace Khanyo as choir leader and offers the position to Nomusa.

Zithulele confirms Mnyamane is playing both Futhi and Liyana.


Maharaj forces Manqoba to tell him the truth.

Sipho offers praise to Nomusa all of that as part of his dirty plan. It turns out Zithulele was right all along about Mnyamane and Mnyamane confesses to him that he has feelings for both Futhi and Liyana.


Maharaj orders Phunyuka to nab Shria, could it be that he knows the truth now?

KaMadonsela is worried about Khanyo who has recently been ousted as choir leader. Dirty Pastor Sipho is at Emsamo but what is he up to this time around? Anyways Zithulele shoots down Mnyamane’s pursuit of Futhi.

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