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This week on Rhythm City

11 February 2019

A brawl ensues between Sabelo and Suffo and Chicken is the mastermind behind it. Watch Rhythm City weekdays at 7PM.


Sabelo is in trouble when money is discovered to have been stolen from the club. He confronts Sindiswa about the robbery, but he makes a fateful decision with the money.

Maponya tries to steer Madikgetla towards Genaro, but she suspects Lungile of having killed Bongi while on the other side Bash is determined to make sure Lungile doesn’t get away with it, but when he goes to the police, he gets no traction.


Sabelo seems to have a plan to sabotage Chicken and sell him over to the cops, but then Chicken gets ahead of him and exposes to Suffo that Sabelo delivered the stolen money to the 68s.

Lungile is looking more and more likely to take the rap for the murder of Bongi, while David comes up with a story to explain his actions on the night of her death to Gail.

On a lighter note Mampho has a first date with Joe from the bar, choosing not to disclose her HIV status to him, anddiscovers he is a doctor.


Sabelo starts preparing himself for jail. He has a heart to heart with Dumi about growing up and being a man and tells Dumi to take care of everyone in his absence.

Suffocate regrets beating Sabelo up, and thinks he might have hurt him. Chicken tells Sabelo about the plan for the heist.

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Reneilwe tells Mampho to give Joe a chance. Mampho goes out with Joe and takes a liking to him. She contemplates telling him about her status but backs out of it.

Madikgetla and Maponya charge Lungile with murder. David celebrates the news. He tells Bash that Lungile is being charged with murder but Bash isn’t convinced that Lungile is guilty.


Rene encourages Mampho to tell Joe the truth about her status and give the relationship a shot but things change when Joe kisses her on their date and Mampho’s doubts are just renewed.

Sabelo prepares to leave the family and go to jail. He tries to have a man to man talk with Dumisani, but Dumi only seems interested in the gang. When Sabelo leaves with Chicken, Dumi follows.


David threatens Bash and puts Gail on the spot to back up his false alibi. 

Sabelo follows through with Chicken’s plan only to discover that the 68s are setting him up for a far worse crime. Dumi follows Sabelo to the scene of the crime.

Mampho discovers that Joe is lying to her.

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