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This week on Scandal!

11 February 2019

Lindiwe and Mary get sucked into the start of what could be a wild ride. Scandal!, weekdays at 7:30PM.

Monday, 11 February

Lindiwe and Mary get sucked into the start of what could be a wild ride. Ingrid struggles with her conscience while someone's quality of life hangs in the balance. Yvonne tests Grace.

Tuesday, 12 February

When a record executive tells Lindiwe to bide her time, a fellow employee hints at other ways to reach her goal.   Ingrid is confronted by a dilemma. When Layla agrees with Yvonne, Grace plans to prove them both wrong.

Wednesday, 13 February

Lindiwe makes a bad decision thinking it is the only way forward.  Bella asks Ingrid a question she finds impossible to answer.  Neo makes plans for what will be an unforgettable Valentine's day.      

Here’s all the drama that happened last week on Scandal!                                                                                            

Thursday, 14 February

Lindiwe begins to question the nature of the new agreement she has entered into.  A mother's request of her daughter sends a family into conflict.  Grace puts Yvonne's advice to the test.    

Friday, 15 February

One friend is having her eyes opened to something sordid, but the other doesn't see things the same way.  Ingrid's test results are in.  An awkward exchange ignites a spark at the hotel.

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