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This week on Imbewu: The Seed

18 February 2019

Phunyuka confesses to killing Nganono and gets arrested. Watch Imbewu: The Seed weekdays at 9:30PM.


Phunyuka almost confesses to Phakade about Nganono’s death. Sipho continues with his perverted ways and starts touching Nomusa on her knee seductively.

Futhi confides in Khanyo about Mnyamane.


Finally Phunyuka confesses about the death of Nganono and gets arrested for murder.

The whole Bhengu family finds out about it and Maharaj leaves the country.

On the other side Khanyo becomes subservient while Nomusa strats getting uncomfortable with Sipho’s advances.

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Ngcolosi is devastated by Phunyuka’s betrayal.

What on earth is wrong with Sipho? He goes on with his perverted ways and tries to get Khanyo to open up about her sexual past.

Zithulele reveals his true feelings for Liyana, unfortunately this time around she feels the same way.


Phakade loses his cool and takes it to a higher level attacking Phunyuka physically.

Sipho tries to make a move on Lindiwe but she’s not for free.

Thu Sheleni tells Zithulele to host a comedy night at Emsamo.


Ngcolosi wants to reunite the family. Sipho grooms Sibongile before making his move. Zithulele after some restraint, wants to do the comedy show.

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