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This week on Rhythm City

18 February 2019

Dumisani rescues Sabelo from the warehouse and joins the 68’s gang. Watch Rhythm City weekdays at 7PM.


Dumi arrives and rescues Sabelo from the warehouse. He gets Sabelo home safely - but is still struggling with the idea that the 68s set Sabelo up. Sabelo later denounces his gang membership - whatever the consequences.

Gail gives David an alibi, but this only makes her more worried about David’s involvement in Bongi’s death.


David is on a mission now to throw the attentions of the cops investigating Bongi’s murder onto Bongani.

On the other end Mampho tells Joe’s wife, Connie, about their affair, but it’s made much harder when she discovers that she is pregnant and vulnerable.

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Dumi isn’t impressed with Sabelo for not fighting back against Chicken. Sabelo is prepared for another savage beating, but Dumi makes a fateful decision.

David informs Bongani that he is a prime suspect and assures him of his support.

Maponya tries to persuade Bash to spill what he knows about David, and David steps up his operation to pin the murder on someone else.


Madikgetla tells Maponya to back off and let her do her job.

Sabelo tries everything to stop Dumi joining the gang. Mampho and Rene are surprised when they see their apartment empty.


Sabelo lies to Mapula, and says he’s done with the gang. On the other side Dumi meets up with Chicken for his first assignment. He pulls it off, and becomes a true member.

Sabelo begs Chicken to back off, but Chicken refuses. Threatening to shoot Dumi if Sabelo doesn’t leave them alone.

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