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This week on Scandal!

18 February 2019

Lindi breaks a rule of the house and Mary has to suffer the consequences as well and somebody makes a move on Grace. Scandal! weekdays at 7:30PM.


Wesley is burdened by the consequences of what he did. Somebody makes a move on Grace, leaving her feeling perplexed. 


A young woman is unreachable and her mother starts to worry. Ingrid pleads for forgiveness and time.  Layla advises Grace should leap before she looks.


Mary's devastated when someone she loves confesses to a shocking revelation. Wesley looks to protect Ingrid when she's compelled to give crushing news to someone close to her. Flirting is notched up a gear as chemistry abounds between two colleagues.

Here’s all the drama that happened last week on Scandal!    


A young girl's friend tries to find a way of saving her.  A desperate father confronts a woman who could save his son's life.  Neo finds out that his lady of interest is flirting with someone close to him.                                                               


The Credential extends a warm welcome to a surprising new member. A wretched sibling turns to social media to assuage her guilt. A rejected suitor takes the high road and makes a selfless promise.

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