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This week on Rhythm City

4 March 2019

Dumisani defies Sabelo’s order and goes back to the 68’s wanting to avenge Mapula’s rape. Rhythm City weekdays at 7PM.


When it comes to the crunch, Gail stands by David and vouches for him to Madikgetla.

Bash gets out on bail, vowing to prove David guilty. Dumi discovers Mapula’s rape and his blood boils. Rene considers giving up her dream.


While Bash is out of jail he is determined to prove that David killed Bongi.

Kop tells Rene that he will look after the kids while she is in America. Rene is shocked by this offer but not as shocked as Blossom.

Dumi cannot believe that Sabelo won’t take action against his sister’s rapist.


Dumi goes back to the 68s so he can avenge Mapula’s rape. Reneilwe feels bad for abandoning her siblings, anyway, they do not feel at home with the Khuses.


David gives Zinzi his solemn assurance that Bash will not show his face at Bongi’s funeral. On the other hand, Fats is worried about Bash and tells Suffo about it. 

Dumi defies Sabelo and re-joins the 68s.


Preparations for Bongi’s funeral are underway. Rene asks Zinzi if Bash can come to the funeral and she flips out.

Dumi tries to get out of a job but the gang won’t let him, he eventually does the job and is increasingly being drawn into the world of the gang.

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