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This week on Scandal!

4 March 2019

Lindiwe comes clean about Mary. Extreme decisions are taken to stop Mary from going to a point of no return. Scandal! Weekdays at 7:30PM


Lindiwe comes clean about Mary and Mlungisi stays mum on his decision.

A sister is relieved by a sibling’s response and Stokkies is more enamoured.


A man tries to save a young woman but she refuses.

Will Ingrid take a decision without her father’s support? Ndumiso is forced to deceive someone he respects.


Quinton works hard to get close to his mark.

The day of the plan of action causes big reactions. Somehow Ndumiso sees a glimpse of opportunity.


A victim’s bravest move is cruelly rewarded with slings and arrows.

Two siblings go through a life changing event and their parents wait to discover their fate  


Extreme measures are taken to try to stop Mary from getting to a no point of return.

A parent discovers that his child is facing an unexpected threat to their life.

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