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11 March 2019

Bash appeals to Mzi for help to prove his innocence, but gets arrested for the crime he did not commit. Rhythm City weekdays at 7PM.


Bash is banned from entering Club KW and he proposes a radical solution to Mzi. Lerato has a business proposal that might see radical changes to Red and brings it to David’s attention.

Kop gets the kids enrolled at a local school but it does not sit well with Blossom. As they learn about Blossom’s anger with their presence the kids are planning to run away.

Sabelo is against Dumisani’s wrongdoings and advises him against flashing money.


Mzi is worried about Bash’s state of mind and turns down his proposal. Gail and David works on David’s speech at Bongi’s funeral. Kop and Blossom finds common ground and come up with a consensus.

Dumisani is warned about the dangers of crime. Mapula finds a knife in the house but Sabelo covers up.

Chicken challenges Dumi to fight for the new 68 turf. Gail and Mampho handle a live broadcast of the funeral. Bash can’t handle watching Bongi’s funeral online, he gate-crashes the funeral.

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It’s the day of the funeral, and the service is interrupted by Bash. He gets chucked out, and it’s broadcast live on 9-Nine.

Blossom discovers that the money from the spaza is missing. Kop investigates the missing money.

When Dumi tries to thanks Sabelo for covering for him he tells him that he did it for the girl’s sake.  Things gets worse when Chicken gives Dumi his first gun.

It’s the day of the funeral, and the service is interrupted by Bash. He gets chucked out, and it’s broadcast live on 9-Nine.


Bash is arrested and unravels further in jail.

Sabelo finds Dumi’s gun. He confronts Chicken but gets beaten by the gang. Dumi gets into trouble for Sabelo’s attack of Chicken. Later, Dumi threatens Sabelo.

Kop forces Blossom to apologize to Tshiamo and Lefa when the stolen money turns up. Tshiamo and Lefa steal Kop’s kombi.


Maponya and Madikgetla are having doubts about Bash. Mzi gets the hell in and vows to take David down - whatever it takes. Suffo warns him to stay away - but Mzi is past caring.

Sabelo finally gives up on Dumi and decides to leave him to his fate. Dumi emotionally manipulates Mapula into feeling sorry for him and Sabelo is further disgusted by his behaviour.

Kop and Blossom are panicking about the children and the missing kombi - but learn that they took the kombi to Middleburg.

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