Cain Gumede

Tshepo Mosese

After two weeks of digging, Lerumo is getting closer to the truth and pays Daniel’s KZN family a visit tonight. We take a look at his investigation into Daniel.

Getmore Sithole

His anger cost him his life. We chat to Getmore Sithole about Cain’s downfall.

We take a look at how the biggest con man was tricked by his cousin. As Cain said; for a con man, Daniel sure is easy to con.

Getmore Sithole

On the previous episode of Scandal! Cain flexed his muscles and kidnapped his nemesis Daniel. We find out who the real Daniel Nyathi is. Here’s a recap.

Cain Gumede

We chat with Scandal! actor Getmore Sithole to learn more about his character, Cain Gumede.

Serial killer on Scandal!

Scandal! series producer Ilse van Hemert lets us in on the serial killer storyline.

Shakira Scandal!

This week Shakira meets a mysterious man and Gloria is busted by someone high-up at NFH.