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Rainbow Unicorn Custard Lollies


Celebrating the season of togetherness, the Morning Show SA will be showcasing an Ultra-festive recipe every morning this week because there's no better way to share meaningful festive moments than with the delicious taste of Ultra Mel custard.

Rainbow unicorn custard lollies 

500 ml Ultramel
250 Ml Strawberry yogurt
1 x Blueberry punnet

Ice Popsicle trays


1. In a bowl pour custard, yogurt and half of the blueberries and blend them together , and you can choose whether you want it chunky or fine.
2. Layer the individual components in the Lolly tray.. You can start by pouring the custard mixer first ,the crushed cereal,the remaining chopped up blueberries.
3. Freeze overnight.

Tip: To make removing the lollies from their molds easier, just dunk the tray for about a minute In hot water.. easy peasy, lemon squeezy.. enjoy