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This week on Scandal!

25 March 2013
Shakira Scandal!

This week Shakira meets a mysterious man and Gloria is busted by someone high-up at NFH.

Shakira’s is looking smokin’ hot these days! And y’all know how that can attract all kinds of men – including sleazebags. Speaking of which, who’s that fine brother who sneaked up on her while she was sitting at the bar? Could he be a potential lover or is he a looser she shouldn’t waste her time with?

This week she hooks up with mysterious man, Cain Gumede. He soon has her eating out of the palm of his hand. But, not long after that, he tells her something no woman wants to hear - we smell trouble. Will Shakira’s fascination with Cain lead to unfortunate consequences? Let’s see how this pans out.

Meanwhile, Dintle causes more problems for the Ngema family. She manages to upset her boyfriend Scelo and then later tries to suck up to the Ngemas in a bid to secure her future.

In other news, it looks like Gloria’s money-making scheme might come to an end as she is caught red-handed by someone important in NFH. To make matters worse her partner-in-crime, Ndumiso plans to come back to Joburg. And we all know when those two are together nothing good can come out of it.

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