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Who is Cain Gumede?

11 April 2013
Cain Gumede

We chat with Scandal! actor Getmore Sithole to learn more about his character, Cain Gumede.

He’s acted in numerous TV series and short films, including e.tv’s Backstage. You’ve also seen him on Rhythm City as Advocate Moses Maponya – the NPA officer who is always after David Genaro. He’s a model, an actor, a voiceover artist and a businessman. We chat to Getmore Sithole who recently joined Scandal! as the cagey Cain Gumede. 
Born in Zimbabwe, Getmore has two brothers and worked as an engineer for four years before moving to South Africa 20 years ago.  His modeling career launched when a fashion designer approached him in a bar asking him to model his range of clothing. 
How did you get into acting?
I couldn’t get into engineering when I moved here, so in addition to my modeling work,  I worked at some medical device company marketing their products, and while I was there I met an actor who introduced me to my current agent. I did my first TV commercial for Ford Ranger and then a Chicken Licken ad. From there it was one commercial after another. My agent introduced me to an acting coach because she thought I had the potential to be an actor. I liked it very much. It started as a part-time gig and later I decided to pursue the acting career further.
How did you get the role on Scandal!?
I auditioned for the role of Cain end of last year. I’m so excited because it’s a complex character. 
Can you tell us more about this mysterious character Cain?
He’s been a good person most of his life. He’s a former lecturer at Wits University who did something that got him in trouble during apartheid. He had to flee the country to avoid being arrested. He’s a sophisticated well-to-do person. He’s business savvy. But underneath that smooth-talking is a damaged individual. His soul is damaged and he’s seething with anger. 
Do you enjoy playing the character?
I find it enriching because it requires one to really dig deep to access various skills as an actor. It’s a multifaceted character. All the other roles I’ve played have been pretty straight-forward. With Cain it’s mainly about pretending to be happy when inside you have all that anger. Inside he is a broken man. He has to integrate back into society and pretend as if he’s normal and everything is fine. 
He has powerful women like Shakira and Mo eating out of his palm, is he a womanizer?
I think a lot of people think he is a Casanova with some hidden agenda and that agenda is yet to unfold.
There’s also suspicion that he might be the psychopath who is murdering women in Newtown. Is he the serial killer? 
You’ll just have to wait and see…
What can we expect from Cain?
Do you think Cain is the serial killer? Tune into Scandal! at 7:30PM tonight to see what Cain is up to.