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The Real Daniel Nyathi

6 May 2013
Getmore Sithole

On the previous episode of Scandal! Cain flexed his muscles and kidnapped his nemesis Daniel. We find out who the real Daniel Nyathi is. Here’s a recap.

What would you do if your cousin left you for dead in a South American prison, stole your identity and skipped the country? Daniel Nyathi, otherwise known as Lucas, has been using his cousin’s name to live the good life, leaving Cain to rot in jail. After 10 years of prison life, Cain is back to make Daniel suffer.  

Daniel’s world came crashing down as his real identity is revealed. An embittered Cain Gumede, the real Daniel, wormed his way into his house and paid him a surprise visit. Only this wasn’t just any ordinary surprise visit. Cain is angry. Revenge is the only thing on his mind.

Daniel is kidnapped
Daniel is tasered into unconsciousness and kidnapped.

When Daniel wakes up he finds himself in a basement of an abandoned building, locked up in a cage like an animal. Next to him we see a toilet and a water bowl.

His phone is gone. He tugs at the bars, calling out for help, but will anyone hear his cries?

A while later, the door opens from upstairs and we see Cain descend. Daniel comes face-to-face with his past.

Cain brings Daniel scant provision – food and bottled water. He recounts how he had to survive with little food during his time in a South American prison, where he ended up because of Daniel. Daniel framed him for drug smuggling and he intends to make him suffer, just like he did for the past 10 years.

Daniel tries to deny he framed him, but Cain puts the food where Daniel can’t reach and says: “If you deny it, I will also pretend not to see you starving.”

Cain tells Daniel he will give him the night to think about it and walks away.

What will happen to Daniel now? Will he starve him to death?

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