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A Guide to WWE Terminology

5 June 2013
WWE Terminology

We break down the lingo of the world of wrestling.

Booker – A booker is the writer of the WWE script, the person who sets up matches and determines what angles get played out. They also recruit talent for various promotions.

DivaFemale talent of WWE. This includes women wrestlers, interviewers, ring announcers and managers.

Face – A good-guy wrestler. Someone ‘turns face’ when they go from being a bad guy to good. Hulk Hogan was one throughout his career.

Finisher – A wrestler’s signature move to finish off their opponent, for example John Cena’s finisher is the infamous Attitude Adjustment.

Heel – The bad-guy wrestler who fans love to hate. The most popular heel was The Undertaker.

Job – Refers to when a wrestler is scripted to lose in a match in order to push their opponent. These wrestlers are also called ‘jobbers.’

Kayfabe – The illusion that all the story lines, rivals, and matches are real, in which the WWE audience willingly participate.

Over –When a wrestler is “over” it means the fans have accepted his perceived character as a heel or as a face.

Promotion – A wrestling league of federation to which most wrestlers belong.

Push – A single or series of wins by a wrestler in order to boost their popularity. When it’s done against the interests of the fans it’s called ‘pushing down throats’, which is what happened to John Cena.

Screwjob – this refers to incidents where the pre-determined outcome of a match is changed without the knowledge of the wrestler who was supposed to win. The Montreal Screwjob is the most famous incident in which WWF Champion Bret Hart got double-crossed by owner Vince McMahon in losing his title just before Hart was leaving for WCW.

Sell – the performance by wrestlers that make wrestling seem realistic. It includes selling pain after a move has been performed and mimicking the effects of being beaten.

Shoot – This refers to incidents where a wrestler breaks kayfabe by not following the script or by breaking out of character.

Smark – A fan that admits to WWE being scripted but still enjoys watching the matches.

Squash – An easy win for superstar wrestlers against lesser-known opponents.

Tap out – When a wrestler submits to a hold by tapping on the floor or against the opponent’s body.

WWE Universe – Refers to the fanbase of WWE.

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