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Goodbye Cain

28 June 2013
Getmore Sithole

His anger cost him his life. We chat to Getmore Sithole about Cain’s downfall.

He was on our screens only for a few months, but his bravery captured the hearts of Scandal’s fans. We hoped he would take out the malevolent Daniel Nyathi. But Cain was blinded by anger – to his detriment.

In the events leading to his death Cain had completely lost it and wasn’t thinking clearly. After shooting Daniel he was so determined to kill him he let go of the gun and began to strangle him. All he could think of at that point was sending Daniel six feet under, but unfortunately for him Mangi shot him to prevent him from killing his father.

We chat to actor Getmore Sithole about playing the character Cain and what he thinks he could have done differently.

What did you enjoy the most about playing Cain?
What I enjoyed the most was working with Bra Sello. Working with someone who is complete as an actor but who is also a human being was great. Bra Sello understands working with people. He’s not arrogant. He’s a great person to work with. The crew and the cast were also great.

What were your best scenes?
I particularly enjoyed when Cain first came into town. The introductory part was good and well-thought out – when Cain was smooching Shakira and Mo, meanwhile his whole purpose was to find his way into Lucas’s life. I also enjoyed it when Cain was at the top of his game with Daniel in the cage. When he was taunting him and trying to get revenge.

Tell us about the action scenes.
They were fun and quite involved. It was physically demanding and emotional. It calls for a lot to bring about those emotions.

How could Cain have handled the situation with Daniel better?
The turning point should have been when he discovered Quinton. When Quinton was introduced to him, he should have reconsidered his revenge plan. Remember his son offered him money to skip the country?

If he had taken that option he would have had to reassess and strategize and maybe come up with something else. His plan of vengeance wouldn’t have taken him anywhere. He can’t take back the 10 years he suffered in prison. He could have come up with a plan that didn’t involve murder. He could have found a legal way to take the business from Daniel and make him pay.

Would you say that he was so consumed with rage that it cost him his life?
Blinding rage has that effect on people. When you are consumed by anger all reason is thrown out the window. He has been pushed to the end – he can’t trust anyone. He’s got a lot of bottled anger and it comes out when he’s stressed. Remember when Mangi and his men pointed a gun at him, it triggered that volcanic anger and he ended up shooting his brother Stan.

If you could send a message to Quinton, what would it be?
Vengeance is futile, it’s pointless. Leave it up to the lord and move on with your life. Don’t ever find yourself in a place where Cain found himself in. God is the one who makes right where there is wrong. Remember when Cain was still alive he once said to him: “This is not your battle, this is my battle.”

And what would he say to Daniel?
With the kind of hatred he has for Daniel, he is turning in his grave. Daniel will get what he deserves. If you lead the kind of life that Daniel has, your sins will eventually catch up with you. He’ll reap what he sows.

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