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Is Mangi Turning Into His Father?

10 July 2013
Kagiso Modupe

He used to be repulsed by his father’s actions, but lately Mangi’s conduct veers in the same dodgy direction.

Mangi is no longer the innocent boy we all knew and loved. In fact he seems to be adopting his father’s tactics of manipulating people into doing what he wants.

Remember when Simphiwe threatened to sue NFH for employing Thembeka as editor-in-chief without following proper procedures? Mangi got rid of him by paying him. Yes, he once paid-off someone in exchange for their silence. But now, since learning the truth about his father, he has become more devious.

Is he becoming more and more like his father?

We take a look at key moments when Mangi’s conduct was questionable during the real Daniel Nyathi saga.

Withholding the truth from Quinton

When it became clear that his father wasn’t in Switzerland, but kidnapped by Cain, Mangi tried to extract information from Quinton about his father’s whereabouts. He only told Quinton that they are cousins when Quinton became suspicious of the probing.

Even then he didn’t tell him the whole truth, that is, his father had framed Cain for drug smuggling, stole his identity and left him to rot in a Brazilian prison. Naturally, Quinton was livid when he found out the real story. Their friendship has been in tatters since then.  

Shooting Cain

First he brought Jafta’s gang to Cain and Stan’s meeting which set Cain off driving him to shoot his own brother. Was it necessary for him to ambush Cain with guns?  Then later when Cain shot his father he wrestled him to the ground and took the gun from him. He then shot Cain dead.

Surely, there was another way he could have handled that situation. Cain had let go of the gun and was trying to strangle Daniel to finish the job.  After shouting at him to release his dying father, Mangi shot him. Couldn’t he have pulled Cain away from Daniel seeing that he no longer had a weapon in his possession?

Keeping Daniel’s Secret

Since his father was admitted to hospital after the gunshot wound, Mangi has been rallying everyone to keep Daniel’s secret. When he learned that Stan is still set on exposing Daniel, Mangi was upset. He couldn’t understand why Stan would grieve for a brother who almost killed him. He then argued that his father’s sins belonged in the past and that if he was exposed he would end up being the one to suffer the consequences.

He told Stan he had already lied to the cops about what happened and if the truth comes out he will be seen as having a real motive for wanting Cain dead. He then guilt-tripped Stan about abandoning him and convinced him to keep Daniel’s secret.

Mangi also convinced Eddie, who undoubtedly has a soft spot for him, that exposing Daniel would punish him more than his father – that it would rob him of his dignity, his job and his freedom. When both men realized what impact the truth coming out will have on Mangi, they resolved to keep the secret, but only if Daniel gives up the company.

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