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The Best Drake Memes

3 October 2013
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Even more popular than his music are his memes. We found the top 12 Drake memes. 

This week on Club 808 we show Drake’s new music video for, “Just Hold on We’re Going Home” and in anticipation, we’ve rounded up the best Drake memes on the interwebs!  

If there's one thing we know for sure about Drake, it’s that the Grammy award-winning artist is not afraid to show his emotions. The term “Draking” was added to Urban Dictionary with the following meanings: “to describe when someone is behaving very emotional” or “someone that is behaving in a soft manner or participating in a soft activity. Drunken texting or calling an ex-girlfriend or boyfriends is an example of Draking.”

The latest Drake memes show the rapper obsessing over his ex-girlfriend and reminded of her everywhere he looks, here are four of the best: 

Eek, thank goodness for eyebrows! 

And of course the internet is having a blast with song lyrics from Drake’s albums:

And what list would be complete without an awesome face swop?

Watch Drake’s new music video for, “Just Hold on We’re Going Home on Club 808 Saturday at 6.30PM!

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