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Thembeka vs Layla: The Battle for Quinton

24 January 2014
Masasa Mbangeni, Quinton Majola, Natasha Sutherland,

Thembeka and Layla are ready to throttle each other, but whose side will Quinton choose?

Since Thembeka’s return from Cape Town she’s rekindled her love affair with Quinton. Many may find it strange given that she was upset with Q when he signed in favour of Secrets. In the time she’s been back she’s thrown Quinton into a state of confusion. She pretended she was seeing other men and not just Quinton. Learning this enraged him and pushed him to make a commitment to her. But there’s one person in her way - how will Thembeka deal with Layla’s meddling? 

Layla doesn’t like the idea of Thembeka and her son are seeing each other again. She says she’s worried this relationship will jeopardize Quinton’s job at NFH. But is that all? Layla has never liked Thembeka. Who could blame her especially after Thembeka published a scathing article about Cain and made him look like a lunatic? Layla preferred Ruby. She was more grounded and not hotheaded like Thembeka. And now that Thembeka is planning to stick around and even marry her son, she won’t hear any of it. Will she sabotage Thembeka’s relationship?

Thembeka vs Layla, who will win the battle? 




- Remember she took Quinton from Ruby? Quinton had a girlfriend when the two started snogging and he ended up leaving his girlfriend for Thembeka. Call her a home wrecker or whatever, but she obviously has him wrapped around her finger. We think he’s falling for her. This week he told her he doesn’t want to be friends with benefits and that he would like to commit to their relationship.

Her relationship with her son Quinton is still new – they only found each other last year. Before that Quinton had lived his life as an orphan. Although in the beginning Quinton was angry that his mother abandoned him, when he realized that Layla’s parents had forced her to give him up, he forgave her. Quinton and Layla are growing closer and catching up on lost time. Quinton is always seeking her approval.

- She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty and face her enemy. When she found out her father was planning to marry her nemesis, Precious, she bad mouthed her to Ronald. When that didn’t work she attacked Precious and almost strangled her. But her plan didn’t have the desired outcome because she ended up in jail. 

She faces her problems head on. After her former lover Cain was shot by a Nyathi, she went to the hospital to confront Daniel. She told him to stay away from her son Quinton. She blamed him for destroying Cain’s life. But that didn’t end well for her, the next day she was kidnapped and held hostage by Shakira.

- Apart from Quinton’s affection, she’s got nothing to lose if she goes to war with Layla.

Her relationship with her son is too important and she doesn’t want to do anything to jeopardize it. Any attack she launches on Thembeka could backfire.

Thembeka vs Layla, who will win over Quinton?

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