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Quinton and Thembeka Engagement

29 January 2014
Brighton Ngoma, Masasa Mbangeni

After the board forced them to break up, Quinton and Thembeka decided to get engaged to get them off their back.

Quinton is no match for Thembeka’s sexual manipulations. He has fallen for every trap Thembeka has set for him. The engagement was Thembeka’s idea, is Quinton a puppet in Thembeka’s bigger plan?

We take a look at what led to the engagement.

Friends with benefits

When Thembeka came back from Cape Town, the two started hitting it off again. This was strange considering she was still upset and felt betrayed by Quinton when he signed off on Secrets becoming part of NFH and effectively bringing back Daniel in the company. Thembeka pretended she was happy with the no-strings-attached arrangement she had with Quinton, but we soon found out she wanted more out of the relationship. After she lied about seeing other men, a jealous Quinton who obviously wanted her all to himself, decided to commit to an exclusive relationship with Thembeka. But they both agreed to keep their relationship a secret; they would get in trouble if the board found out.

NFH finds out they’re lovers

Soon after this NFH found out that they’re having an affair. Layla who doesn’t like the idea of her son dating Thembeka tipped off Shakira about the relationship. She will die before she sees her son getting involved with Thembeka. She would rather team up with her enemy Shakira to get rid of the woman in her son’s life. Shakira also got a letter of complaint which seemed like it was from Anzani. Later we realize the letter was actually written by Thembeka

In the letter the complainant said they suspect Thembeka will get preferential treatment because she is sleeping with a board member. Seeing this as an opportunity to make their move, Shakira and Layla decided to alert the board about Quinton’s shenanigans. 

Shakira handed Mangi the letter and told him they will face the CCMA if Quinton and Thembeka are not dealt with. Mangi had no choice but to take action against Quinton; either the two end their relationship or Thembeka loses her job. Quinton was furious and asked why there were double standards; Daniel is allowed to have a relationship with an employee but he is not. But Mangi was quick to remind him that Daniel and Shakira are married. 

The Proposal

Hearing this news, Thembeka suggested to Quinton that they get engaged. That is the only thing that will get the board off their back. Although reluctant at first Quinton soon bought into the idea; yes he will do it for appearances sake only and to save Thembeka’s job. The next day they announced their engagement at NFH much to everyone’s surprise. It’s very obvious that Thembeka is planning something, why is she so desperate to marry Quinton?

What game is Thembeka playing and will this engagement blow up in Quinton’s face?

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