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3 Signs Gogo Nyathi Might be Dying

5 March 2014
Abigail Khubeka

She arrived unexpectedly bearing bad news again. Whether you believe it or not, Gogo Nyathi thinks she’s dying. We show you three possible signs that she might be right.

As a sangoma, Gogo Nyathi’s responsibility is to create harmony between the living and the dead, to make sure that the living lead a trouble-free life. She knows ancestors have to be shown respect through rituals, animal sacrifice, and burning sacred plants like imphepho. But last year she broke this harmony by engaging in witchcraft. What price will she pay for disturbing the peace between the Nyathis and their ancestors?

She believes that the only punishment fit for her crimes is death. Is she right? We show three possible signs that she might be dying. 

1. Going blind

A few days after interfering with Cain’s plan by casting a spell on him, Gogo Nyathi went blind. It had been a hectic few days; Cain had been shot dead and Daniel was lying in hospital after taking a bullet for Maletsatsi. After visiting Daniel, Shakira came back home pleased with his recovery. And she had heard from the doctors that Cain’s appendix had ruptured and that’s what made him drop the gun. He would have died within a few days if Mangi didn’t shoot him. 

She wondered if the spell caused that to Cain. But most importantly she was happy with the outcome of the battle and she told Gogo they didn’t pay the price Gogo had feared they would. But then Gogo told her that she’d already paid the price. She has gone blind! Gogo Nyathi has been blind ever since. 

2. Burns on her skin

Gogo thinks Cain’s spirit is still wandering and that it will come back to haunt them. She visited a highly respected sangoma, Bra Phiri, who told her fetching Cain’s spirit and the cleansing ritual the Nyathis performed last year didn’t work. The ancestors are still very angry and the Nyathis will pay. She’ll be the first to be punished. She knows her days are numbered and she came home to die. 

When she arrived at the Nyathi household she pulled up her sleeve and revealed nasty burns all over her body which she proclaimed represents the fire of the ancestors. Daniel promptly took her to Dr Letaba who said she had no explanation for the blisters but she doesn’t think they are life threatening. But can her opinion be taken seriously especially after she misdiagnosed Daniel with cancer just last week?

3. Begging for Quinton’s forgiveness

You know what they say; only people who are dying confess their sins and beg for forgiveness so that they can make things right with their ancestors. So we don’t take lightly the fact that Gogo Nyathi desperately wants Quinton’s forgiveness before she dies. She summoned him to the Nyathi home where she told him it’s her time to die. She cheated death for too long and her punishment is catching up with her.  She apologized for her hand in Cain’s death and admitted she abused her powers.

Do you think Gogo is dying? 

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