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Mangi Haunted by Cain’s Spirit

10 March 2014
Kagiso Modupe

Mangi saw Cain’s face in the rearview mirror. He got so freaked out that he veered off the road. Why is Cain haunting him?

On Friday Mangi went to Daniel’s house to go check on Gogo Nyathi. He was alarmed to see her burns which she explained can’t be cured unless Daniel tells the truth about his real identity. Mangi then accused his father of wanting Gogo to die so that he could keep the secret because the bearer of their secret will be gone forever. Isn’t that how they silenced Cain? Now Daniel wishes Gogo dead too? Angry that his son would accuse him of such Daniel slapped Mangi across the face. Gasp! Mangi couldn’t believe his father slapped him. 

Still in shock he decided to drive back to NFH to meet Palesa. While driving he took a glimpse in the rearview mirror and saw Cain sitting behind him in the back seat. Spooky! Mangi screamed and turned to look at the back seat again. But the ghost had disappeared. Sjoe! But when he looked forward, he saw Cain’s figure standing in the middle of the road. Alarmed, he swerved the car with the tyres screeching and we heard the sound of impact. 

Will he survive the crash? And more importantly why is Cain haunting him?

Restless Spirits

They say that there are many spirits that are prone to unrest and come back to haunt the living. This could be because the way that they died, prevent them to crossover to the next world or they have unfinished business with the living and cannot rest peacefully.  Does Cain have unfinished business? Sometimes people who are killed suddenly like Cain, don’t understand what has happened and why they died. They may wander at their place of death for a while and then eventually go home to see what’s happening.

Last week we learned that Gogo’s attempt to fetch Cain’s spirit from the community centre to ensure that he rests peacefully failed. Does this mean Cain’s spirit has been wandering around all this time and finally found its way back to the Nyathi household

Is Cain angry at Mangi for ending his life so abruptly before he could get justice? Will Cain haunt the entire Nyathi family?

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