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Hamba Kahle, Gogo Nyathi

13 March 2014
Abigail Khubeka

She had to be punished for her sins, but was death too harsh? We speak to Scandal’s assistant series producer Grace Mahlaba about Gogo Nyathi’s death.

Cain’s ghost flashed before her moments before she died. She went into distress and never recovered. Gogo Nyathi has died. She had a premonition about her own death, but no one believed her. And now she’s gone. But was the punishment too harsh?

Scandal’s assistant series producer Grace Mahlaba talks to us about Gogo’s death

How did Gogo anger the ancestors – what Sangoma principles did she go against when she dabbled in dark magic?

We don’t know if Gogo angered the ancestors, it depends on what you believe in. But we do know for sure that she did something bad to her whole family. It is Gogo herself who explains all her illnesses and all the bad things that the family is experiencing as the anger of the ancestors, because she is familiar with the world of ancestors and she knows fully that colluding with her son to keep the secret was wrong.  

Gogo’s calling to be a Sangoma has a huge responsibility. She was called to heal, help, counsel and sometimes bring people who are in dispute together, but she did the opposite and out of desperation even went to an extend of dabbling in witchcraft to help her son, which goes against everything healers believe in.

But she repented and even performed a ritual after Cain’s death, why hasn’t this worked?

When she performed the ritual it was still out of desperation. She was trying to fix the whole mess, but it was a waste of time because she still used the wrong name, Cain Gumede.

Why is Gogo receiving the harshest punishment?

Is death the harshest punishment? Gogo was old, death was inevitable. Gogo is relieved she’s resting, shouldn’t we be worried about the living?

Will Gogo Nyathi’s death redeem the Nyathis? 

Only time will tell. Keep watching.

Hamba Kahle, Gogo Nyathi.

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