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Lerumo Investigates Daniel

14 March 2014
Tshepo Mosese

Someone’s digging into Daniel’s past and giving Lerumo clues. But will he be able to expose Daniel? We chat to actor Tshepo Mosese about Lerumo’s investigation into Daniel.

A few days ago someone going by the name Fury tipped off Lerumo about Daniel. He said Daniel’s got a big secret that needs to be investigated. And just last night Lerumo received his real lead from Fury – that he should start the investigation by looking into a man called Cain Gumede

After Daniel insulted him telling him he may be trying to be on the straight and narrow, but the blood in his veins corrupted him at birth. He can never escape who his father is. Daniel then stormed off. Lerumo then sent a message to Fury: Are you there? Fury responds: “Yes. Have you thought about my offer to take down Daniel?” Lerumo replies: “Yes, where do I start?” To which Fury responds by saying; “Cain Gumede.”

There’s no doubt that Lerumo is intrigued and possibly wants to find out where this will lead. We chat to Tshepo Mosese about Lerumo’s investigation into Daniel.

Why is he interested in investigating Daniel?

I think Lerumo has always had an instinct of a cop and traits of being a cop. Even after he was dismissed at the force for not disclosing that Neo Mokhethi was his father, he was offered a job as a private investigator at NFH. His cop side was still dominant. When he starts investigating Daniel, he takes that opportunity with both hands. Even though it will disappoint Bra Eddie who gave him a job, at the end of the day his passion for catching criminals overrules everything. He’s a cop man through and through and that will never change about him. 

Does this have anything to do with his father?

Not necessarily, but a part of the reason he became a cop was because of his father. His father is on the wrong side of the law and he wants to be nothing like him. Investigating Daniel is purely based on his passion for catching criminals. The fact that Daniel is associated with his father motivates him to work harder on the case.

What does he think he will uncover?

I don’t think he knows what he will uncover, but he does sense that there’s something dodgy. His instinct kicks in and motivates him to investigate the case further. He knows that he will eventually find something.

Has he ever dealt with a case of this magnitude?

He was responsible for locking up Neo Mokhethi and that’s the biggest case he’s worked on. He found the little details that he needed to get Neo – the fact that he was connected to Barry Maxwell and his death, and the bomb situation with Anzani. That’s his major achievement. He’s always wanted to put neo behind bars and he managed to do that.

What investigation techniques will be used to build this case?

He doesn’t know that much but he’s being persuaded by an informant who will guide him on where to look. If it wasn’t for the informant he wouldn’t have known where to look. 

What can we expect in the investigation in the next few days?  

Drama, drama, drama. So much happens. Daniel Nyathi is the lead character – the storyline around him is the core of Scandal. If he goes down chances are there will be a lot of other people who go down with him.

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