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Lerumo Closing in on Daniel

25 March 2014
Tshepo Mosese

After two weeks of digging, Lerumo is getting closer to the truth and pays Daniel’s KZN family a visit tonight. We take a look at his investigation into Daniel.

10 March

After Mangi’s car crash Lerumo offers his services as an investigator to see if there was foul play but Daniel is dismissive. Lerumo says since Daniel is a bad guy, he needs to check if his past hasn’t come back to haunt him. This causes friction between the two. 

Later that day, Lerumo gets a message from someone identifying him or herself as Fury. “Do you want to catch a criminal?” Lerumo responds: “Who do you mean?” Fury answers: “Daniel Nyathi.” Lerumo then asks: “Who is this?” To which Fury says: “A friend.”

11 March

Lerumo continues his investigation into the car and pushes the mechanics for results. Soon after this he receives another message from Fury: “Are you onboard?” Lerumo asks; “What do you gain from bringing down Daniel?” Fury answers: “Justice.” This gets Lerumo intrigued. 

12 March

Lerumo is suspicious of Mangi’s accident and Gogo Nyathi’s death, is it a coincidence? But Eddie tells him to let it go; Gogo Nyathi was old and sickly. 

13 March

Lerumo sends Fury a message: “Are you there?” Fury replies: “Yes. Have you thought about my offer to take down Daniel?” Lerumo responds: “Yes, where do I start looking.” And Fury replies: “Cain Gumede.”

14 March

Lerumo starts investigating Cain Gumede. He quizzes Mmadika who tells him his real name was Lucas Nyathi. He came back to SA to seek revenge for the injustices done against him by his cousins Daniel and Stan. He held Daniel captive and tortured him but Daniel escaped. Cain died after being shot by Mangi. Lerumo then tries to question Quinton about his father Cain, but Quinton shuts him down.

17 March

Layla hears that Lerumo has been snooping and decides to throw him a bone. She tells him that she’s Quinton’s mother and when she met Cain he was using a different name. When Lerumo asked him if it was Lucas Nyathi, she told him he must dig deeper and he will find out the truth. She can’t tell Lerumo anything because her life might be in danger. This leaves Lerumo more intrigued than ever. He later calls the university Cain used to lecture at and finds out his name was Daniel Nyathi.

18 March

Lerumo tells Eddie that he’s looking into Cain Gumede. Eddie doesn’t approve but doesn’t discourage him either.

19 March

Lerumo returns to Quinton and asks him why his father and his uncle have the same name. And why was Cain buried as Lucas and not his real name? But Quinton tells Lerumo to drop it. His questions will get people hurt. Lerumo tells him he will protect him if he’s in danger. But Quinton wants nothing to do with him. Frustrated Lerumo messages Fury demanding a face-to-face meeting.

Fury decides to call Lerumo and reassures him that she’s only interested in justice. Fury suggests that he look into why so many people would agree to keep this bizzare story quiet. Who stands to gain the most? Lerumo decides the next best person to look at is Daniel Nyathi

20 March

Lerumo gets some information from Mmadika about when Daniel took over the company. She explains that Daniel lived in Kenya when his brother Stan suddenly left the company. Daniel came to SA and took control of the company. But Lerumo is still confused about why Lucas called himself Daniel when he was a lecturer.

21 March

Lerumo sees Daniel confronting Thembeka and wonders what’s going on. He intervenes and asks Thembeka if she’s okay. Thembeka tells him there’s nothing to worry about. Later that evening Lerumo pays Thembeka a visit; he’s noticed that there’s definitely no love lost between her and Daniel. She hates Daniel and is she Fury? Thembeka admits she is. She explains that she hid her identity from him because her life might be in danger.

24 March

Lerumo tries to get more information out of Thembeka when he runs into her in the lift. She helped him start this and she can help him end it. Thembeka tells him Daniel stole his cousin’s identity and maybe he needs to contact his family for confirmation.

Tonight Lerumo is en-route to KZN to search for the truth. Will Daniel’s family give him the information he needs?

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