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#ILoveSA Pays Tribute to Tata Madiba

Charne Simpson |
17 July 2014
#ILoveSA Pays Tribute to Tata Madiba, Nelson Mandela, Mandela Day,  Miranda Mokhele,  Pitch Black Afro,  Dorothy Masuku,  Vusi Nova, Tshepo Mosese Howza,  Ishmael

I Love South Africa joins the rest of the country in celebrating Nelson Mandela’s birthday.

This week may be bittersweet for South Africans as we celebrate Mandela Day for the first time since Madiba’s passing. 

I Love South Africa chooses to commemorate his legacy and incredible life with a slew of laughs and a dash of entertainment. 

Here’s who you can expect this week:


Miranda Mokhele – The ex-Rhythm City star is back on e.tv to prove she can spell, and being able to speak 6 languages comes in handy.

Pitch Black Afro – Hizo Lezo! This Kwaito funny man gets the party started and shows everyone how much he knows about his country.

Dorothy Masuku – With 7 decades in the business the queen of jazz is here to prove how much she knows about South Africa. 

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Vusi Nova – The voice of South Africa apparently melts hearts when he sings, but can he help his team win? It will surely melt Tats’ heart if he can. 

Tshepo Mosese (Howza) – The hip-hop/kwaito connoisseur is here with his muscles to prove he knows more than just music and gym.

Meet Tshepo 'Howza' Mosese

Ishmael – Tats claims he’s the greatest vocalist in SA, but can his voice help him win this for his team?

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