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Zimkitha Kumbaca talks about Matatiele’s Nontle

Charne Simpson |
31 August 2015
Zimkitha Kumbaca talks about Matatiele’s Nontle, Matatiele

Matatiele’s leading lady, Zimkitha Kumbaca, talks about playing Nontle and lets us in on some set secrets. 

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At age 27, Zimkitha Kumbaca’s career as a TV and stage performer has taken off in a big way.

She talks about landing her dream role in Matatiele, her play She Bellows and her future plans.

Tell us about your studies
I studied Drama and Film Studies at the Tshwane University of Technology and graduated in 2010 and also did my B.Tech degree in 2012.

Many viewers want the chance to act on Matatiele. Can you explain what the process of landing the gig was like?
I was home in King William's Town when I received a call from my agent. She told me that Rolie Nikiwe wanted me to audition for a lead role in a new series. At first, it was hard to believe until I read my audition scripts. I knew then and there that this role was meant for me. It was a role I was itching to play and a story I was more than ready to tell. For the first time in five years, I was auditioning for a role I believed in.

Are there any similarities between you and Nontle?
We are both stubborn, short tempered, strong willed and fall in love hopelessly.

If you weren’t playing Nontle, which other character would you have liked to play?
Woooooowwwwww. I most definitely wouldn't want to play another character but Nontle. She is the character I've been dying to play.

How did you prepare for your role?
I have a routine before going into character. In a nutshell I meditated and walked around the village and town to familiarise myself with Nontle's environment. I also read the script and understood the roles of the other characters in Nontle's life and lastly, I let the character live.

What was the best part about filming Matatiele? And were there any challenges?
The best part was that I was being directed by great directors, Rolie Nikiwe and Zuko Nodada. I was also supported by the talented cast and exceptional crew. The hardest part was finding out that my best friend, Thembi Mhlongo had passed away in a car accident. I had to try to find time to mourn and still be on set and do my best.

Who was the funniest on set and who was the most serious?
Thobani who plays Bhonyongo made my day every day. He is hilarious and of cause I appreciated Sis Charmaine who plays NoRain and Ous Montshabi who plays Ous Beauty, they were my strength. I loved their work ethic and they were ready to guide me and were there to support me in every way.

When you’re not working, what do you enjoy doing?
Well I must say, I'm always on work mode however watching plays and documentaries about influential humanitarians, listening to music and attending Hip Hop gigs is my favourite past time

Can you tell us about your plans for the future?
I enjoy being a TV actress but I hope to raise the bar each time I step into a role on screen. I'm currently exploring more platforms for a play I've written and directed titled, She Bellows. I’m currently exploring a new two-hander play which I will be directing soon. I’m also currently working on my music, this will be my debut solo album which will only be released next year

Why should we keep watching Matatiele every Tuesday?
Keep watching Matatiele because the plot thickens and nothing will ever be the same for Nontle. The next episodes will be a real game changer for everyone in the story including you, the viewer.

Watch Zimkitha as Nontle in Matatiele Tuesdays at 9:05PM.

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