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What’s happening on Matatiele?

2 September 2015
What’s happening on Matatiele? Matatiele

An evil birthmark, reincarnation, Zanezulu? We’re all a little confused. Let’s try and figure this all out. 

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People are confused. Why is the baby evil? What is so special about the birthmark?

Well, the Sanqus and the Monahengs have been rivals for generations. And the source of their rivalry is a Xhosa warrior named Zanezulu.

The Sanqu’s believe that the Monahengs ate Zanezulu many years ago, and that is where the rivalry started. He could always be recognised by a huge birthmark on his back. And now, Nontle and Lefa’s baby has been born with that exact same birth mark.

Both families are questioning whether the baby is Zanezulu, reincarnated.

What do you think?

Watch Matatiele Tuesdays at 9:05PM to see this drama unfold.

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