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#Matatiele: Where is the baby?

23 September 2015
#Matatiele: Where is the baby? Matatiele

Nontle and Lefa’s baby is missing. Did the chief kidnap him? Watch the Matatiele finale on Tuesday 29 September at 9:05PM. 

Matatiele’s first season is coming to an end on quite a high note. Each week the drama is heightened to a new level.

Watch the finale next Tuesday, 29 September at 9:05PM.

Last week an intruder tried to stab the baby. But luckily Bhonyongo saved the day by knocking him out.

This week, the Grandpas managed to torture the intruder until he confessed that it was the Chief who sent him. The Chief wants the baby’s heart.

Click here for more information on why the baby is special.

Meanwhile Nontle, Bhonyongo and the baby ran away from home. Perhaps that wasn’t the best idea as everyone was really worried about where they were.

And then, the worst thing happened. The baby went missing!

Now Nontle is losing her mind.

Will they find the baby before the Chief hurts him?

Watch the Matatiele finale Tuesday, 29 September at 9:05PM. Like the Matatiele Facebook page and follow on Twitter