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Mnqobi the strangler

Amanda Ndlangisa |
28 September 2015

By now we all know not to mess with Mnqobi Simelane because he’s very quick to put his hands on you. Here are three times Mnqobi showed us what will happen if you cross him. Umlilo, Mondays at 9PM.

1. When he strangled Dumile


Since Khwezi arrived, Dumile hasn’t really found her place in her household. Things took a turn for the worst when Cebisile died. Since then, Dumile has been trying to expose Khwezi, but as Khwezi’s true nature, she’s always a step ahead. Here we saw Mnqobi almost killing Dumile because Khwezi planted in his head that Dumile was trying to witchcraft him. 

2. When he strangled Andile

Andile and Mnqobi

Violence is never the answer to anything but we have to say that Andile took things too far when she used the F-word to Mnqobi. Obviously Mnqobi didn’t take that well, resulting in him doing what he does best, strangle Andile. Tjo, if he can do this to his own daughter, we wonder what will happen to Khwezi if and when Mnqobi finds out the real truth about her. 

3. When he strangled T.K. 

No father wants to know that their little girl has started dating, even worse when the little girl is dating their father’s business partner. That never ends well.

Catch Hamilton Dlamini as Mnqobi Simelane on Umlilo, Mondays at 9PM.