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Inside the Matatiele finale

29 September 2015
Inside the Matatiele finale

A lot of questions were answered, but the most important one still hangs in the air: Will they find the baby? 

Matatiele came to a dramatic end and the finale was everything we hoped it would be. Many questions were answered as the story weaved between mysticism and folklore.    

Here are some of the startling revelations from the finale:

1. The mysterious woman who delivered the baby is Zanezulu’s mother.

2. Turns out the baby is Zanezulu reincarnated.

3. The baby is more special than any of us realized. He has power that will change Matatiele forever, and that’s why the Chief wants his heart.

4. The three men that were always watching from on top of hills were actually protecting the baby, and they sacrificed their own lives to save him.

5. So now we sort of know where the baby is. But an infant floating down a river by himself does not exactly put our minds at ease. We’re hoping that the 3 wise men knew what they were doing and someone knows to collect the baby.

Will Nontle ever see her child again? We can’t wait for season 2 to see how things will unfold.

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