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The brutal attack of Thembi Kumkani

Bulelwa Languza |
31 May 2016
Thembi Kumkani

Thembi suffered an attack from a male nurse who raped her at the mental institute. Umlilo, Mondays at 9:30PM

Thembi arrived to St Benedict Mental Institute after Judge Ntuli ordered her to be sent there for a year. She arrived to a male nurse who ordered her to strip naked and threw delousing powder at her. The nurse raised suspicion with the way he looked at Thembi while she was naked.

male nurse

When Thembi was making her way back to her room from the visitor’s room, the male nurse called her aside and told her that she was wearing her top incorrectly. When Thembi challenged the nurse, he pulled her into the room where he ordered her to bend over and raped her. When the nurse was done, he called for a strait jacket and left Thembi naked on the floor. Her calls for help fell on deaf ears.

Thembi cries for help

Vuyo arrived to see Thembi to tell her Welcome had escaped and that it meant they could reopen the case and he could get Thembi out of the institution but it was too late. Vuyo noticed Thembi’s injuries, that she didn’t care anymore and the dazed look on her face when she took her medication.

Thembi takes her medication

Welcome, who learnt from Zuko that Thembi had him shot, paid her an unexpected visit with a knife in hand but Thembi was too quick for his injuries and turned the knife on him instead.

Will Thembi kill Welcome?

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