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Cracks in the Simelane camp?

Nombuso Zondi |
6 July 2016

Mnqobi is too preoccupied by his office assistant and obsession with Welcome to notice that his family is falling apart. Umlilo, Mondays at 9:30PM.

Dumile’s focus shifted from the family, the day Thembi promised to give her the baby she’s carrying. Palesa did her bit by offering to speak to Thembi about the adoption terms.

But when she visited Thembi at the asylum, she realised they both had something in common, they carry the curse of being Mnqobi’s third wives. Although Palesa was visiting Thembi at Dumile’s request, they ended up connecting over their marriage of convenience to Mnqobi.


Mnqobi was still running around trying to pin down Welcome, who once again managed to make a run after Mnqobi and Mthandeni held him at gun point.

Welcome seemed to be enjoying cosying up to nurse Nonzi so much that he even called a truce with Mnqobi.

Dumile was so hell-bent on helping Thembi get out of the asylum that she may have stepped on Palesa’s toes. She stole a photograph of Brenda and Palesa during their happier times to use it to blackmail Palesa to help her get Thembi out of the asylum.

Dumile and Palesa

When Palesa discovered what Dumile was doing, she totally flipped and remembered that Thembi had warned her about Dumile’s dark side.

Andile, who had just patched things up with Zuko came clean about her involvement in the diamond smuggling operation.

Zuko and Andile

We’re already seeing cracks in the Simelane camp. Will this eventually lead to their demise?

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