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3 Ways the Simelanes came through for Thembi

Nombuso Zondi |
12 July 2016

As soon as Dumile and Palesa started working together they quickly figured out a way to release Thembi from the asylum. Umlilo, Mondays at 9:30PM.

Dumile’s desperation for a baby had reached new heights and when Palesa came on board and made a few suggestions about re-opening Thembi's case, things started falling into place. 

Here’s how they got Thembi out of the asylum:

1. Dumile told Palesa she lied about who really shot her.


When Thembi held the Simelanes hostage she handed the gun to Mnqobi to shoot Dumile and both Mnqobi and Dumile lied about it in court.

2. Andile let it slip that Judge Ntuli made a ruling based on what Zuko told him. But Zuko wasn’t a witness in court so his claim needed to be challenged.


Judge Ntuli was about to rule temporary insanity when Zuko told him that Andile saw Thembi paying people to stage fights at the asylum.

3. Palesa was able to get a court order to release Thembi, just as nurse Denton was about to rape her again.


Thembi’s attempt to have nurse Denton removed from the asylum for raping patients got her into more trouble with him. He promised to rape her again after she opened her big mouth to rat on him.

Now that Thembi is finally free, will she honour her promise and hand over her baby to the Simelanes?

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