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4 Signs that Mnqobi is losing his grip

Nombuso Zondi |
18 July 2016

Now that Welcome is dead, we see that the biggest threat to the Simelanes is Mnqobi himself. Umlilo, Mondays at 9:30PM.

When Mnqobi finally captured and killed Welcome he thought his woes were over and he could carry on living like the self-centred control freak we’ve come to know. But Mnqobi has shown us that his grip on people around him is actually weakening.

Here are the signs:

1. Sindiswa wants to be the third Simelane wife

Mnqobi’s been secretly sleeping with his young office assistant and she’s just told him that it wasn’t all for fun. She demands to be Mrs. Simelane, too!

2. Phindile has a boyfriend

Mnqobi and Dumile

Dumile revealed to an irate Mnqobi that his precious little girl was dating and defying him and as expected he was not impressed.

3. Dumile caught him cheating


While trying to sort out accommodation for a client, Dumile learned that their old house was still under their lease. When Dumile visited the house to investigate, she found Mnqobi sleeping with Sindiswa and she won’t stand for it.

4. Andile got shot

Usually Mnqobi is so protective of his business and family, but this time he’s dropped the ball. Andile got muddled into the rhino horn business to get back at her father but got shot!

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