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The Big Debate returns for 7th season

20 July 2016

The Big Debate has returned to e.tv and this week's episode on Sunday, 24 July at 10AM will look at racism. 

Hosted by popular TV and radio personality Masechaba Ndlovu, The Big Debate continues to confront the hottest issues facing South Africa and the world today.

This Sunday’s episode will look at racism and highlights the current tensions between racial groups in South Africa - particularly amongst young people. Racist outbursts like "black people are monkeys who litter our beaches" and "rape of babies is part of black culture” have turned the spotlight back on how South Africans perceive each other, more than 20 years into democracy.

Are these the ravings of crazy individuals, or is there something deeper going on that needs to be addressed in a public forum, to help South Africa heal? The Big Debate team tackle these tensions and discuss how the structures which are seemingly stoking them, can be dismantled.

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