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Dumile looks into Spikiri’s disappearance

Nombuso Zondi |
25 July 2016

With Dumile’s marriage on the rocks, she remembers her haven with Spikiri and starts asking questions about him. Umlilo, Mondays at 9:30PM.

When Rabotho came into the Simelane home to investigate Andile’s shooting, Dumile asks him if he’s heard anything from Spikiri because his phone is disconnected and it seems he disappeared without a trace.

Dumile decides to visit Spikiri’s old house. She starts digging around and finds maps of the construction site where Radebe and Spikiri had planned to bury Mnqobi after killing him. Dumile alerts Rabotho and they meet at the site to try and make sense of the Spikiri mystery. But the only snag is that a mall has been built on that same site and there is no way of determining whether Spikiri is buried there or not.

After looking into his phone and bank records they discover an irregularity. The text Spikiri sent to Dumile was sent from the location of the Simelanes’ old house and it coincides with the time that Dumile asked Mnqobi about Spikiri.

After piecing the puzzle together, Dumile confronts Mnqobi about killing Spikiri.

Dumile is a scorned woman right now and there’s no telling what she’ll do to expose Mnqobi, especially with this new revelation.

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