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Reba scares Mpho!

Nombuso Zondi |
3 August 2016

In her zombie state, Reba tells Mpho that her babies are going to die. Ashes to Ashes, weekdays at 8PM.

Mpho goes to Reba’s room to keep her company and to give her a drink. Initially, Reba doesn’t respond to Mpho’s chatter, but when Mpho tells her about her plans after the she gives birth Reba starts giving her ugly stares.

When Reba starts concentrating on Mpho’s pregnant belly, Mpho gets uncomfortable and tries to cover herself with a shawl. After a short silence, she tells Mpho her babies are going to die.

Mpho jumps up from the bed freaked out and asks her to repeat herself. With tears rolling down her face, Reba yells out ‘those babies are going to die’!

It looks like Reba is the person the Namanes should keep a close eye on and not Bab’ Hlongwane.

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